Computer Hardware & Peripherals
Maintenance Service

Operated by Equinox on behalf of University of Oxford

What's this about?

This page will tell you about the Computer Hardware & Peripherals Maintenance Service Equinox operates on behalf of the University of Oxford. The Service is available to all University departments, colleges, staff and students and provides effective and value for money support for a wide range of technology products you depend on day-to-day. The service provides a ‘fix or replace’ policy, so if we cannot repair your item, we will replace it, subject to terms of course.

What hardware can I have supported?

Equipment eligible for the Service

  • Blu-Ray / DVD Players
  • Desktop / Notebook PCs
  • LCD Monitors
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Scanners
  • Set-top box
  • SKY Digi-box
  • TVs

Please contact Equinox if you would like a quote for any other equipment.

What faults & problems am I covered for?

This service provides support against early failure of a product, such as a faulty display on your notebook, faulty keys on your keyboard, or a printer that doesn’t print any more!

We also offer Accidental Damage cover, for an additional premium, so you can chose the level of support you require. However, before you decide to go for Accidental Damage cover, we recommend you check other insurances you may have in place, such as household insurance, as these can include accidental damage in many cases.

Here's a few examples of situations that our service won't cover you for:

  • Faults present prior to the equipment being placed on cover.
  • Faults arising from accidental damage unless additional cover has been bought.
  • Misuse/abuse.
  • Items under warranty.
  • Limited life components, e.g. consumables like ink cartridges, projector lamps etc.
  • Issues arising from general wear and tear, e.g. keyboards with loss of lettering due to significant use.

How do I register items for the Service?

To register for this service all you need to do is call or email us and confirm the hardware is permanently located at a UK Mainland location and is in full working order, we will do the rest for you.

Call Equinox contracts department on 01684 290000 or email

What happens when I need to use the service?

Old fashioned customer service here; simply call & talk to us to log a call on 01684 290000

We will attempt to resolve the fault over the phone, there and then, if are unable to do that we will send an engineer on the next working day.

If the fault cannot be fixed on-site, the item will be returned to our workshop for repair and an equivalent item will be offered as a loan* until the repair is completed.

*Data protection and issues arising from data transfer are considered and carried out in accordance with our standard working practices. Full details of this policy can be supplied on request.

Price List - 2018

Full Payment is required at the time of registration.

Category Sub-Category Standard Cover Standard+AccDam
PC Desktop £42.00 £66.00
PC Notebook £84.00 £144.00
Blu-Ray / DVD Players All £24.00 £42.00
LCD Monitors All £24.00 £72.00
Printers Printer-Standard £48.00 £90.00
Printers Printer-High £180.00 £264.00
Projectors All £144.00 £204.00
Scanners A4 Scanner £60.00 £72.00
Scanners A3 Scanner £96.00 £96.00
Set-top box All £60.00 £72.00
SKY System (Digibox + Satellite) All £78.00 £132.00
TVs <32inch £36.00 £72.00
TVs 33-49inch £72.00 £144.00
TVs 50-65inch £108.00 £216.00

One-Off Repairs - iPhone, iPad, iPods and more?

You don’t need to have a maintenance contract in place with us to use our services.

We offer a range of one-off repairs, including repairs on iPhone, iPad and iPods

For iPhone, iPad, iPods visit our website to review pricing, repairs types and more.

For other One-off repairs, contact our service team on: 01684 290000 or email