Hardware Breakdown Service

Operated on behalf of Oxford University

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Equinox operates a hardware maintenance service on a Fix-or-Replace basis. The Service is available to University departments and colleges, staff and students; equipment may reside at any UK Mainland location. Items must be in full working order when first registered with the Service and Equinox can carry out any repairs needed before registration.

Equipment eligible for the Service
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Associated peripherals
  • Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Apple devices

Please contact Equinox if you would like a quote for any other equipment.

Scope of the Service

Equinox will send an engineer on the next business day after a fault has been reported. If the fault cannot be fixed on-site, the item will be returned to our workshop for repair and an equivalent item will be offered as a loan until the repair is completed. In the case of a loan PC or Laptop the loan will be provided with either the users own HDD installed or with a basic working operating system installed. Transfer of customer data files will be carried out where technically possible. Installation of applications remains the responsibility of the user.

Data protection and issues arising from data transfer are considered and carried out in accordance with our standard working practices. Full details of this policy can be supplied on request.

How to register items for the Service

Call Equinox contracts department on 01684 290000 or email the following details to oucontracts@equinox.co.uk

Manufacturer / Model / Serial Number

Please supply the user address and contact details as well as the billing address.

What to do if you need a repair

Contact the Equinox Service Team on 01684 290000 or service@equinox.co.uk quoting the contract number which you are given on registration, as well as the serial number of the item.


The prices quoted are for a year’s cover (the contract year runs from 1st December to 30th November) Items added part way through the year are charged pro rata. Payment is required at the time of registration.

Accidental Damage Cover

Please contact Equinox if you would like a quote to include accidental damage cover on 01684 290000 or oucontracts@equinox.co.uk

Exclusions from Cover

  • Faults present prior to the equipment being placed under contract
  • Faults arising from misuse/abuse
  • Faults arising from accidental damage
  • Software faults or upgrades
  • Items under warranty
  • Limited Life Components
  • Multimedia equipment such as speakers and microphones
  • Issues arising from general wear and tear, e.g. keyboards with loss of lettering due to significant use.
  • Airport / Aeroplane damage

Full list of exclusions is available on request